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Book Publishers and Distributors:

Books by MK - Publisher/Distributor
505 Anthony Dr.
Euless, Texas 76039-2067
Publisher of If you've ever wanted to crawl in the closet with an OREO...,TAP DANCING in the night and What Do I Do About Hitting?!
Order books written by Martha Kate Downey by mail. Discounts available for quantities over 10.
Phone (817) 283-4114

Educators Publishing Service, Inc.
This publisher produces very helpful and high quality learning materials. Includes the series Explode The Code used by Martha Kate and Kate Downey as a tool when tutoring reading students. Explode The Code can be used by children and adults with a wide range of skills and abilities. The cumulative presentation is fun and enjoyable.
31 Smith Place
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Phone: 1-800-225-5750

Maple Leaf Center, Inc. formerly Dr. Dean Mooney
Linda J. Hudson
270 Olde Pine Lane
Wallingford, Vermont 05773
Includes a bookstore which carries all of the books written by Martha Kate Downey.
Phone (802) 446-3601
Fax (802) 446-3801

Special Needs Project: America's Disability Bookstore
Hod Gray, Director
324 State St #H
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Includes a bookstore which carries all of the books written by Martha Kate Downey.
Phone (805) 962-8087
Fax (805) 962-5087

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publisher of The People in a Girl's Life, written by Martha Kate Downey and daughter Kate Downey
116 Pentonville Road
London N1 9JB, UK
Phone: 011 44 20 7833 2307

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