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Some stuff you may (or may not) want to know!

  • Dennis (the courageous dad and loyal husband of this tribe) Builder of big and small buildings for years and years Motorcycle rider (the reason I am so religious!) Special Olympics Coach

  • David (the no longer at home, but much loved son) My own personal computer guy! May do work free for mom if bribed with food! Hopeless romantic Degree in Philosophy Computer credentials: Cisco Certified Network Associate, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

  • Kate (the effervescent, resident, Aspie daughter) Special Olympics Texas athlete of the week April 15, 2002 Founder and editor of The Torch , a newsletter written and produced by Special Olympic Athletes Co-author of The People in a Girl's Life Working as an assistant for mom and Books by MK. Student and tutor in the Come Read with Me program Social butterfly !!!!

  • Martha Kate author, speaker, educator but mainly just Mom (including some fairly boring information for those needing background material):
    Degree in Social Work, Texas Tech University 1973
    Caseworker for Tarrant County Child Protective Services (State of Texas)
    Easter Bunny...don't ask!
    Homeschooler 24 years
    Instructor of lifeskills and decision-making skills in Texas high schools, Temple Junior College, Temple, Texas
    Instructor for creative Writing course for Texas homeschooling students via class and internet
    Developer and co-instructor for Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, Texas summer program for maintaining math and reading skills through the summer (Just for Fun classes)
    Reading tutor for struggling learners since age 12. Volunteering in schools, churches and with clients of MHMR (Mental Health Mental Retardation - State of Texas)
    Owner of stained glass studio "Glass by MK" 14 years - did lots of front doors and church windows
    Author and illustrator of: If you've ever wanted to crawl in the closet with an OREO...(first and second editions) copyright 2000, 2003; TAP DANCING in the night copyright 2001; The People in a Girl's Life copyright 2002; What Do I Do About Hitting?! copyright 2003; Travelling Grace as I meander with God copyright 2004
    Public speaker, educator for and about autism and the more general special needs population around the United States and the UK
    Member of and past moderator for DANISH (Dallas Asperger Network for Information, Support and Help)
    Board Member and Education Director - North Texas SNAP, Inc. (Special Needs Assistance Partners)
    Board Member - DIAL (Developing Independent Adult Living) in Tarrant Co.
    Founder of Steps to Support for All - an association working to promote funding and programs for those who are aging or have special needs in the state of Texas. Membership includes leaders around the State of Texas as well as family members and professionals who provide services for these individuals. Steps is working in conjunction with the Come Read with Me initiative to gather regular, long term, never-before collected cognitive functioning data on adults with disabilities. Data critical to the proper long term planning for aging adults with cognitive disabilities. (This is the first generation where many, many more adults will live very long lives, due to advances in medicine and medical care. Through programs such as Come Read with Me, we can keep their independent skills for a longer period of time, thus more effective use of tax dollars...ooops, stepped up on my soap box!
    Member of the Family Support Council of Tarrant County MHMR
    Founder of the Come Read with Me program - a program with three missions (1) To encourage life-long learning and thus help adults with developmental delays maintain and increase cognitive function throughout their lifetime (2) to collect valuable, tangible data regarding the levels of cognitive function of so to effect legislation for the long-term care of adults with special needs. Study being designed and implemented in conjunction with Texas Tech University and Texas Women's University, (3) To encourage other organizations to build educational programing into their projects and missions.

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