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Public/Government Agencies and Resources:


Texas Department of Human Resources
This site is designed to allow the general public explore possible resources within the state of Texas for themselves or others.

Texas Medicaid

Texas Rehab

Texas Department of Mental Health Mental Retardation (MHMR)
State of Texas agency (Note: Even though it's listed under the Mental Retardation section of MHMR, you don't need to have MR if you have a diagnosis in the Autism/PDD Spectrum.)

Grayson County
Home and Community-Based Services
Intake, Screening and Referral Services
Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation
Service Coordination (Case Management Services)
Transition Planning Services
Provider Services
800 S. Mirick Avenue
Denison, TX 75020
Site Hours: M - F; 8 - 5
Phone: 903-465-2353
Fax: 903-465-3055

Collin County
Lifepath Systems/Mental Retardation Services
Chief Operation Office
Mary Fredericks, M.S.
PO Box 828
McKinney, TX 75070
Site Hours: M - F; 8 - 5
Phone: 972-727-9953 McKinney, TX
Phone: 972-422-5939 Plano, TX
Phone: 972-727-9133 Allen, TX
Cell Phone: 972-658-3506
Crisis Line: 866-260-8000

Grayson County
Mental Retardation Community Support Services
Employment/Vocational Services
Contracts/Job Placement
510 S. Mirick Avenue
Denison, TX 75020
Site Hours: M - F; 8 - 5
Phone: 903-465-9445
Fax: 903-465-9708

Tarrant County MHMR
General Services, Essential Services, In-home- and Family Services, testing
1300 Circle Drive
Fort Worth, TX
Phone: (817) 569-4141
Fax: (817) 569-5474

Tarrant Co. MHMR
Tim Mason, SSI Specialist
1300 Circle Drive
Fort Worth, TX
Phone: (817) 569-4015
Fax: (817) 569-5474

REACH Resource Center on Independent Living
This agency offers many services with a personal approach. They strive to address each individual's needs. Adolescents and adults both may receive services.
Reach of Fort Worth, Texas
1205 Lake St.
Ft. Worth, TX 76102-4501
Community Living Specialist
Phone: Metro (817) 654-9614
Fax: (817) 877-1622

Reach of Dallas, Texas
8625 King George, Suite 210
Dallas, TX 75235-2275
Phone: (214) 630-4796
Fax: (214) 630-6390

Reach of Denton, Texas
405 S. Elm, Suite 202
Denton, TX 76201-6066
Phone: (940) 383-1062
Fax: (940) 383-2742

Understanding disabilities, Creating opportunities is their mission. The agency serves people with all types of disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, developmental delay, Alzheimer's, physical disabilities. In fact, 65% of the clients receiving services do not have cerebral palsy. UCP is the leading source of information on cerebral palsy and is a pivotal advocate for the rights of persons with any disability. As one of the largest health charities in America, UCP's mission is to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

UCP of Tarrant County, Texas
UCP of Tarrant County, a United Way agency, has been providing service to people and families with disabilities for FIFTY years!
1555 Merrimac Circle Suite 102
Ft Worth, TX 76107-6587
Phone: (817) 332-7171
Fax: (817) 332-7601

Texas Education Agency

Region 10 Education Service Center (Texas Public School System)
This contact is for those wishing to take courses provided by Region 10 for their school personnel. Parents, etc. may also take these courses.
DANISH contact: Darla
Name of the book/catalog indicating available training:
Region 10 Education Service Center
Division of Instruction Special Education
Continuum of Professional Development Opportunities
Phone: Region 10 workshop secretary: 972-348-1620
Fax: 972-480-0955

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