Social Security benefits after marriage E-Alert February 10, 2004

Take Action to Help Couples Who Have Disabilities in Their Desire to Marry

SSI will NOT be enough!

Did you know that under the current federal guidelines if a person with disabilities marries, even though the court continues to declare him or her to be a dependent with a guardian, that person loses the right to receive Social Security benefits he would be entitled to receive upon the retirement or death of his or her parents?

Did you also know that if two people with disabilities who marry will lose part of their SSI because of their marriage? Can you and your spouse live on $800 per month?

Our laws are making the choice regarding a couple's options quite clear. "Do not marry! You cannot afford to do that!" is its message. And we call ourselves a "family-oriented" society!

Our law, through our society, has confused the skills needed to support oneself financially with the skills needed to make and sustain a committed, loving relationship. Many non-disabled individuals may fully support themselves, but do not have the skills needed to maintain a healthy marriage. They are clearly separate issues, but not in the eyes of current legislation.

Our society's expectations, and consequently our laws, have not kept pace with the medical advances in our country. Many who would have died as babies, children or young adults are now living long, but too often, lonely lives. They deserve to have same generation families of their choosing, as well.


Please support new legislation allowing those with disabilities the rights to benefits they will find critical in their later lives. Those benefits will be crucial to their being able to live in a safe, consistent environment in their elder years.

Please take action today by:

  • 1) writing to your lawmakers on Capitol Hill by going to let them know that you support the rights of those individuals with disabilities in their need to maintain dependent benefits. We have a form letter that you can use up at;


  • 2) going to and learning more about the Campaign to allow those with disabilities the right to maintain dependent benefits after marriage;

  • 3) forwarding this message to everyone in your address book who cares about these individuals as well as sending this message to organizations and support groups which are involved with these issues.

    Together we can make a difference!
    Our expectations and desire to include everyone in a family-oriented society can be reflected in our society's laws, but only if you take your responsibilities as a citizen seriously.
    Make your values count!
    Write your legislator today!

    SSI will NOT be enough! If you wish to be included in future updates regarding this issues, or have other suggestions, etc. please send an e-mail to: